Our 2018 Phrase Of The Year

Every year for about the past five years, we’ve made it a point to choose a word or a phrase to represent our vision for the coming 365 days.

This year, our choice wasn’t easy. We’ve got a lot we want to accomplish in those 365 days, and while looking at that number – 365 – may seem like its a lot of time, it really isn’t. Those days can go by pretty quickly, and to paraphrase Ferris Bueller, “If you don’t stop and take a look around, you just might miss it!”

I’ve researched to find out where this idea of choosing a single word for the entire year came from, and from everything I can find, it stemmed from the desire to do away with useless and often unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions and the disappointment and feelings of guilt that comes from not accomplishing what we resolve to.

Being a person who already feels a lot of guilt and self-doubt, I found this concept to be very redeeming and attractive. So, five years ago I began choosing a word of the year for my personal Bullet Journal and life focus, and this year, we’re incorporating that concept into our business as well.

So what is our Phrase of the Year for 2018?

This year we’ve chosen – drum roll please – Mindful Transformation.

For us, the idea of being mindful in all we do is the way to transform our business and our lives from where we are, to where we want to be over the next 365. We’ve got some HUGE goals and plans, and being mindful in setting our intentions gives us the much-needed pause and foresight to develop and successfully follow small, actionable steps that can help us reach our over-all goals without feeling overwhelm and subsequently wanting to quit.


As we’ve always said, our purpose behind creating Moonstruck Charms isn’t just to earn a dollar. Of course, everyone has to make an income, and everyone needs money to survive, but what are we going to do with the money we earn? That was the big question that we toyed with over the past year.

We want 2018 to be a pivotal year in our overall goals. This is the year we plan to:

  • Finalize the first five tiny-home designs for Bliss Eco Village Farm
  • Purchase the first five acres of property for said farm
  • Begin to develop the secondary and third phase businesses that will support our vision in the long-haul

Aside from the visions we have for Bliss, we also have visions for  Moonstruck! We want to

  • Introduce 4 new collections
  • Introduce new materials into our designs
  • Create a higher-end product
  • Grow our overall reach by 50% by years end
  • Increase revenue’s by 85% or more by years end
  • Create 12 months of giveaways for our customers and followers
  • Develop a community of like-minded collectors and dreamers to share our visions and successes with

As we looked at our goals, we realized that if we manage to achieve all of them, we will indeed have transformed not only our lives and our business but our entire community and perhaps even our world. Seems like a really big thing, and it is!  And it would be so very easy to get totally overwhelmed!

So, we broke these goals and visions down, using our phrase “mindful transformation” – into smaller, actionable, bite-sized steps. As we did this, a miracle happened. Suddenly those big pictures did not seem quite so impossible, and the fear of failure began to diminish because we took the pressure off of our already over-taxed minds.


Do you choose a word or phrase to live your life by? Or, like so many others, do you burden yourself with unrealistic expectations and “this is  a new me” once a year – when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, only to feel instant guilt the  moment you wake up on January first when you realize you’ve set yourself up to accomplish the impossible?

If you want to set a word for the year, here’s a very easy way to go about it – read this article at www.oneword365.com and use the guidelines. Then, come back here and leave a comment letting us know what word or phrase you chose.

OneWord365.com also provides a way that link can link up with others who’ve chosen the same word or similar words and phrases to your own, by using the “find your tribe” feature.

We’d like to invite you to join our tribe as well! Become a Moonstruck Club member and then you’ll have access to our private Facebook Group where we can discuss our words, phrases and intentions for the coming year, and a lot of other fun, cool stuff too.

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Happy New Year, our Moonstruck Tribe! We’re super excited to meet you.

Rob & Cher