Developing A Sense of Ownership Community-wide

One of our biggest goals with Osiyo Eco Village Farms is to foster a sense of ownership and pride in it’s citizens through the programs we develop.
We want our people to know that we see them as valuable and productive, no matter what limitations they have faced. We also want to help foster their own sense of self-esteem and accomplishment – something that can be totally depleted after having lived in abject poverty.
To achieve this goal, and our desire to be a completely self-sustaining society, our citizens will be offered the chance to use their own skills and abilities by working in the businesses we plan to develop for our village.

These businesses will include:
• The farm itself including gardening, animal husbandry, butchery and processing of the farms products and byproducts
• A Farm to table restaurant
• A general store featuring products by created by the farm and individual citizens art and handyworks
• A cabinetry and small furniture wood shop
• A small engine repair shop
• A bakery and charcutier (handmade sausages, etc)
• Public classes for learning farm and home skills such as gardening and cooking, butchery, etc.
• An event venue
• A food truck
• Clothing and home goods pantry where members of the community may exchange unused items for new ones

Each citizen who opts to work in one of these facilities will be paid a fair and living wage, 10% of which will be deducted to pay for housing, which will not exceed $150 per month.

We want to offer these positions because we know that there are many in our targeted demographic that have wonderful skills and abilities but have not been given the chance to use them due to their current circumstances, past records or simply a sense of loss of self. It is our belief that by providing these positions and including them as part of our live-work program, our citizens will not only regain their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment, but will be able to have a sense of ownership in their community through the work they do.